World Suicide Prevention Day 2020


World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 is on Thursday September 10th.

This day gives us all the opportunity to remember those lost to suicide and those bereaved by it.

We can also use this day to focus on our loved ones, friends and colleagues who may be struggling to cope.

When people speak to us and they express feelings of suicide, we encourage them to open up and explore those feelings.  The reasons that may be behind those feelings. The situations that may be behind those feelings.

We believe that most suicides are preventable.  We must all, collectively, support vulnerable and destabilised people,

so that help reaches them before despair overwhelms them.

As human beings, we all need to let love, understanding and empathy govern how we treat, and respond to, each other.

This year, the theme for the day is as 2019, ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide

Please watch the short video below from our Ambassador, Hugh Quarshie:


The most recently released suicide statistics (for 2019) demonstrate that middle aged men remain a cause for concern.  There’s an increase in young female suicides and suicide rates for men in England and Wales now stand at their highest for over two decades, meaning there is much work for all of us to do.  Together, we are stronger.  

The yellow ribbon is symbolic with today and other special days.  Please wear yours if you have one.  To remember those who have left us and to care for those who are still with us




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