World Suicide Prevention Day Challenge 2021


World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021 is on 10th September 2021

With 5,691 suicides registered in England and Wales in 2019 (provisional figures), this day is not just important, it is crucial.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to allocate a specific day to driving awareness and it’s important to remember that this day should be the start of a daily effort, by all of us, to support those who are vulnerable, help eradicate stigma and assist in pushing down the suicide rates.

United, we can all work to reduce shame, stigma and silence and help suicide rates fall.  The World Health Organisation have set a target to achieve a one third reduction in suicide rates by 2030 – we CAN do it, if we all pull together.

Hosts of WSPD, The International Association for Suicide Prevention gives everyone, globally,  the chance to help raise suicide awareness and prevention on 10th September.  This year’s theme is ‘Creating hope through action‘ and we can all play our part, simply by extending compassion and giving our time and kindness to those who need support.


It’s so simple – just have one conversation with one person about suicide prevention and fragile emotional health on 10th September.  Or make a point of asking someone how they really are and encourage them to open up if something is on their minds.  Compassion makes such a difference to anyone who is struggling.


SOS Ambassador and mental health activist John Junior , has set up a Just Giving page for a challenge he is completing on 10th September.

John will be attempting to eat as many Krispy Kreme doughnuts as possible in 3 minutes without licking his lips as he raises funds for SOS and reminds everyone how important conversations surrounding emotional health are.  John will be live streaming his event from Costa Coffee in Wilmslow at4.45pm on 10th September, and the Manchester Evening News will be reporting on his challenge, so do get behind him and show support!  You can watch the live stream via Instagram and Facebook.

It’s an online stream event, which will be streamed at 4.45pm on Instagram   and also on Facebook

For all you donut lovers out there, why not set up your own challenge to raise awareness, get the conversation going and raise money for a fantastic cause!

In memory of those lost to suicide and the bereaved left behind, show your support for suicide prevention by lighting a candle at 8pm on 10th September, wherever you are in the world.  A global voice is a powerful voice.

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