Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

As WHO (World Health Organisation) states, with around 800,000 deaths globally by suicide each year, this is a world wide issue and we can all play our part in helping to reduce deaths by this indiscriminate killer who can enter your life regardless of age, colour, status, religion.

So today, let’s all take a moment to remember those bereaved by suicide, those who have died by suicide and those who are considering suicide.

If you’re concerned that someone you know may be feeling suicidal, simply taking a few minutes to talk and listen to them could make a huge difference to their mental state.  Take a moment to check up on people you know are going through a challenging time in their lives and sit with them for a while.  Make space to listen to someone you know who’s been bereaved by suicide – every single day is as much a struggle for them as those with other mental wellbeing issues.

To all those affected by Grenfell, the recent global hurricanes and the humanitarian issues world wide, we send you our ongoing love and support as you deal with your traumatic situations.

Let’s focus on bringing empathy and understanding back into society today for those who are vulnerable and struggling.  Let’s all try to touch one person today and not only listen to them, but fill them with a little hope.

None of these support mechanisms cost us anything.    Helping others costs us nothing.  But the rewards? … Helping to save lives, helping to instill hope.  Priceless.

Wherever you are in the world today, give a little of yourself to someone who needs you.  And if you’re not sure how rewarding giving can be, try, and you’ll see.


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