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It’s very easy to forget to take care of ourselves and our own mental and physical wellbeing, especially in a world dominated by Corona Virus.

Many people have spent time looking after family members, friends & colleagues, the worry created by the virus a constant in our minds.

The truth is, if we don’t consider, and look after, our own mental health, we will have little left to offer others we wish to support.

So please, help us drive our #YouMatter campaign forward – encouraging every single person to take a few moments every day to think about themselves.

How are you feeling?  How are you coping?  Do you need support?  Where can you get that support?  Do you have anyone to talk to?

The stress and anxiety people are feeling due to the epidemic in this country is alarming.  Some are experiencing mental health fragilities for the first time ever – either because they’re isolated and frightened, or because with the ease of lockdown measures, they’re equally as worried about venturing out for fear of becoming poorly.

At SOS we are here to help you.  We understand how you are feeling and most importantly, why you are feeling as you do.

If you want to talk, then speak to someone from SOS between 3 and 6pm 7 days a week on our confidential, one to one, free online chat.  We have also launched our phone line, open between 5 and 7pm Monday to Friday, when our volunteers are available to listen and support.  Make a note of our number: 0300 1020 505

Our #YouMatter Campaign will not stop once we are rid of the virus.  The mental impacts on people from this period will not simply vanish overnight and we will be here for you as we all try and adapt to a new way of living.  We are here to stay.

Our #YouMatter Campaign also incorporates our  #CallingSOS project.

Watch our short video we’ve put together reminding you to look after yourself.

And, before you go …..

If you’d like to help support our work and help us ensure that services remain active, then please consider donating.  Whatever you can afford will make a big difference to our small Charity.

You can donate a one off amount of £3.00 by texting YOUMATTER to 70660 Text costs £3.00 plus network charge.

SOS Silence of Suicide receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer’s permission. Customer care 01926714682. Charity No 1175795.

Remember, every day, #YOUMATTER

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