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Joanne Quigley’s Fundraising Efforts Following Ben Nevis Hike for SOS Silence of Suicide

Joanne Quigley’s Fundraising Efforts Following Ben Nevis Hike for SOS Silence of Suicide

Joanne Quigley, a dedicated supporter of mental health awareness, recently completed a challenging hike up Ben Nevis in Scotland to raise funds for the charity.

In memory of her sister, who tragically lost her life due to mental health struggles, Joanne embarked on this journey to honour her sister’s memory and raise awareness about the importance of mental health support.

After attending SOS Silence of Suicide’s Annual Remembrance Day event, Joanne was deeply moved by the stories shared and the support offered by the charity. She felt a strong connection to the cause and decided to take on the physically and emotionally demanding hike up Ben Nevis to raise funds for the charity.

Setting off from Fort William at dawn, Joanne, sister Charlotte, and cousin Becky faced challenging weather conditions, including sun, rain, sleet, and snow. Despite the difficulties, they successfully completed the hike, overcoming their fears and reaching new heights physically and emotionally.

Joanne’s efforts paid off, as they raised an impressive £1367 for SOS Silence of Suicide, with more donations still coming in. Reflecting on the experience, Joanne shared, “It was a great hike in memory of our sister, truly unforgettable.”

Looking ahead, Joanne has committed to joining the charity team in next year’s London Landmark Half Marathon, continuing her support for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

For those interested in learning more about SOS Silence of Suicide and how to get involved as a fundraiser, please email events@sossilenceofsuicide.org.