Striving To Reduce Shame, Stigma & Silence Surrounding Emotional Health And Suicide


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For all your mental health


‘SOS is about building individual and collective resilience, empowering everyone to recognise their own self worth.ย  We aim to eradicate shame, stigma and silence that can inhibit necessary conversations around emotional illness and suicide’


‘Taking the time to ask someone how they are feeling could be the lifeline they have been needing’ (SOS Silence of Suicide)


Mental Health Support for all

Suicide Awareness & Suicide Prevention


Welcome to SOS and to 2022.

We wish everyone a year filled with hope, light and happiness.ย  Even a tiny flicker of light provides hope.

Being a small charity brings huge challenges, not least, being able to serve the huge demand we’ve seen for our support services during 2021.

From 1/1/22, we have put more resources on to take your calls.

If you are in crisis, feeling vulnerable or need to talk about your mental health in general, then please get in touch via our helpline.

For all your mental health support


Mental Health Support Line

Our phone lines help support vulnerable children and adults.ย  Our number is a standard rate charge.

However it’s touched your life, if you need suicide support, we are here

Call 0300 1020 505ย 

8pm until Midnight: Friday to Monday inclusive

(including Bank Holidays)

To help ensure safety and assurance to our service users, our phone support volunteers are all holders of enhanced DBS certificates.ย  When we are closed, please call 999 if there is an immediate risk to the life and safety of you, or someone else, or, for support the Samaritans Helpline is available 24/7 on 116 123


How to contact SOS

Please do not use our 0300 for general enquiries, this is our support line number only and volunteers will be unable to assist you.

If you want to apply to join SOS as a volunteer, then you should read the information and complete our application form .

Please allow up to 7 working days for an email response.

For general communication (excluding feedback or volunteering) our email is

Thank you

If you’re considering applying to volunteer with us, listen to what our volunteer Erica says about the role.

Interested? Then check out all our volunteering roles and apply today!

Morado Fundraising Evening

Michael Mansfield as Lead Trustee, heads our team of fantastic Ambassadors at mental health and suicide support charity SOS Silence of Suicide.

Our ambassadors include Maxine Peake, Gary Webster, Wendy Turner-Webster, Hugh Quarshie, Rob Rinder, Lorraine Kelly, Emma Kenny and James Harknett.ย  They are all passionate about individual health and wellbeing.