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Our lines are open Monday to Friday 8pm to Midnight and Saturday/Sunday 4pm until Midnight.
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Address the “elephant in the room”...

Address the “elephant in the room”...

Our mission is to openly address the “elephant in the room” and combat the pervasive shame, stigma, and silence surrounding mental health and suicide. Through our efforts, we strive to create an environment of understanding, compassion, and support, where individuals feel safe to discuss their struggles and seek help. 

By raising awareness, providing resources, and fostering a community dedicated to suicide prevention, we aim to save lives and promote mental well-being for all. Together, let’s break the silence and build a world where no one has to face their struggles alone. 


1. Empathy:  We approach each person with genuine care and understanding, acknowledging the personal nature of mental health challenges and thoughts of suicide. Our aim is to create a compassionate, confidential and non-judgmental environment that promotes healing and encourages open dialogue. 


2. Community:  We believe in the power of a supportive and inclusive community. Our goal is to build a welcoming space where individuals facing mental health struggles can find solace, belonging, and support. By connecting people with similar experiences, we foster a sense of unity and care, thus potentially growing support networks for all concerned.


3. Volunteers:  Our dedicated volunteers generously donate their time and expertise to make a difference. We value their passion, commitment, and unique skills in providing our hotline and chat services. We offer a nurturing environment, continuous training, and personal growth opportunities to support our volunteers.


4. Stigma-Free:  We are committed to challenging and eliminating the stigma and shame associated with mental health and suicide. Through our PIA Initiative, as well as open conversations, education, and awareness, we aim to break down barriers and dispel misconceptions. Our goal is to create an accepting and understanding atmosphere, empowering individuals to seek help without fear of judgment.


5. Confidentiality:  We prioritise the privacy and confidentiality of those we serve. All interactions, whether through our hotline, chat services, or community forums, are treated with utmost care. We maintain strict confidentiality guidelines to protect personal information and ensure a safe space for open discussions. 

6. Accessibility:  We believe that mental health support should be accessible to all. We strive to remove barriers by providing free and easily accessible services. Our aim is to ensure that everybody in the UK, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, or location, can access our resources and support.


7. Continuous Improvement:  We are committed to continuous learning, growth, and improvement in mental health and suicide prevention. We stay updated on research, best practices, and evolving community needs. By adapting and refining our services, we provide effective support and make a meaningful impact.


8. Collaboration:  We recognize the importance of collaboration in addressing mental health and suicide prevention. We actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations, professionals, and stakeholders to leverage collective knowledge and resources. Together, we can create lasting change in the field. 


9. Hope and Resilience:  We instil hope and resilience, emphasizing that recovery and well-being are attainable. Through our support, we empower individuals to build resilience, develop coping strategies, and find strength in their journey towards mental wellness. We promote a message of hope, reminding individuals that they are not alone and that a brighter future awaits.


10. Holistic Approach:  We understand that mental health is interconnected with various aspects of life, including physical well-being, relationships, and personal fulfilment. We advocate for a holistic approach, encouraging individuals to seek comprehensive support that addresses all areas. We collaborate with professionals from different disciplines to provide a multidimensional support system.


11. Safeguarding: Anyone who’s volunteered or worked for SOS knows the importance we place on safeguarding.  It is area that is fundamental to everything we do in order to protect everyone and especially those who utilise our services. Due to our growth, we are now ensuring some members undergo Designated Safeguarding Lead training to protect our workplace employees and everyone else we come into contact with. Your safeguarding is our priority and we are constantly updating our policies in line with any new legislation or best practice guidance for the benefit of all.