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Gary Webster

Gary Webster

Gary Webster, an actor perhaps best known for his appearances in ‘Minder’ opposite George Cole, has spoken out bravely and publicly to the Big Issue about his problems with debt , its impact and how these issues can affect anyone of us.

It’s a fact that financial hardship causes extreme levels of stress and anxiety that can lead to feelings of suicide, and for some, sadly, one step beyond. As a society, we have to stop judging those in financial hardship and offer constructive support and advice. For many, like Gary, they face this dark situation through no fault of their own.

Men find it incredibly difficult to open up about their mental ill health and the reasons that contributed towards it. Reading Gary’s article may encourage men to speak out and get the help they need, rather than suffering in silence.

Likening debt to a cancerous tumour, Gary’s article isn’t a ‘woe is me’ piece – it is brutally honest about how poverty makes us feel about ourselves and the perceptions of others – a constructive effort to raise awareness.