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Mander Hadley Solicitor Staff Go the Extra Mile, Raising £1000 in Inflatable 5K Race for a Charitable Cause

Mander Hadley Solicitor Staff Go the Extra Mile, Raising £1000 in Inflatable 5K Race for a Charitable Cause

Coventry and Kenilworth-based law firm Mander Hadley solicitors demonstrated their commitment to supporting local charities by taking part in an inflatable 5k race and bake-off to raise £1000 for the charity SOS Silence of Suicide.

The four staff members, Beth, Kathryn, Lynsey, and Lee, participated in the event to show solidarity and raise funds for a charity addressing critical mental health issues. And to support a local charity dedicated to providing support and resources for those affected by mental health issues.

The participation in the inflatable 5k race was made even more poignant by the personal connection of one staff member, Beth, who lost her father in 2015 due to his battle with mental health issues. Beth’s involvement in the event was a tribute to her father’s memory and a way to support a cause close to her heart.

The team’s efforts were not in vain, as they managed to raise just over £1000, with the funds raised going to the charity’s ongoing initiatives, including awareness campaigns, education programs, and much-needed resources for individuals and families affected by mental health struggles.

Jonathan Hall, Managing Director of Mander Hadley, said, “I am very proud of the team’s achievement in completing the run and raising a significant sum to support the important work of SOS Silence of Suicide. At Mander Hadley, we have a long tradition of supporting local charities, and this particular cause is close to our hearts. We are delighted to support by raising funds and awareness of the charity’s work in the community.”

Expressing his gratitude, Michael Mansfield KC, a prominent human rights lawyer and founder of SOS Silence of Suicide, commended the Mander Hadley solicitors’ staff for their dedication and support. He stated, “It is heartening to see professionals like those at Mander Hadley solicitors stepping up to support local charities and raise awareness about mental health issues. Their contribution will help towards making a difference in the lives of those affected by these challenges.”

Yvette Greenway-Manfield, CEO of SOS Silence of Suicide, echoed this by saying, “The team from Mander Hadley solicitors has displayed their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their compassion for the local community. Taking part in the inflatable 5k race has not only raised vital funds for SOS Silence of Suicide but also served as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues and supporting those in need.

As the battle against mental health continues, it is heartening to witness the determination and generosity of organisations such as Mander Hadley solicitors, who strive to impact their community positively.”

For those who have been inspired by Mander Hadley’s achievements, for more information on how you can raise donations for SOS Silence of Suicide, visit https://sossilenceofsuicide.org/donate/ or https://sossilenceofsuicide.org/fundraising/