Feedback from those we've worked with, and for

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'SOS is about building individual and collective resilience, empowering everyone to recognise their own self worth'  - SOS Silence of Suicide

What do people say about SOS?

Some of those we've worked with, and for

Senior Law Lecturer Phil Drake – Huddersfield University

‘Nearly two hundred people attended Yorkshire’s first SOS networking event.
He said: “It was an incredibly moving event that started off as a discussion about a taboo subject and ended with people sharing their stories and being heard in a supportive and caring environment. Thank you for a fantastic event that was both insightful and inspiring”

Martin Curran – British Dental Association, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has the unenviable title of the highest rate of suicides in the UK with certain areas being disproportional high.

“If only I had known but how could I have known”. Michael and Yvette were not trying to solve the problem in one evening but giving colleagues a platform to discuss the matter in hope that they are stimulated further to talk about the subject and become more aware of the tell tale signs when talking with others.

It certainly was a stimulating evening and I am sure everyone left with their own private thought to ponder and develop their own strategy the better of all their colleagues.  One life saved makes it all worthwhile.’

Nick Syson, Health & Wellbeing Champion and Partner within the Banking Practice, Linklaters LLP London

This was the first time the firm addressed this topic, and the large turnout on the day proved how important it is to talk about and openly recognise suicide. As one attendee said: “It was an open forum with frank discussion.” Michael and Yvette were described as ‘open and relatable’ and the audience appreciated that their candour in ‘talking about an issue that we all face and should discuss.’

We as a firm believe that we benefited immeasurably from the Silence of Suicide session.  It has encouraged us to break down barriers and start the conversation on a topic that needs more talking about.

Andy Latham Health, Safety and Wellbeing manager – Next Group

‘Through SOS Silence of Suicide, Michael and Yvette demonstrate their passion, energy and belief that breaking down the stigma associated with talking about suicide, suicidal thoughts and suicide related bereavement is fundamental to helping those affected.  The safe space they create at their SOS events is demonstrably important to those who attend as evidenced by the feedback received after the events held for Next the last 2 years.  We firmly believe that an ongoing relationship with SOS Silence of Suicide is important for the continued strength of our corporate Wellbeing Programme.’

Sgt Kastein, British Army

‘Thank you so much for taking the time to present to our team today.

What you do is so wonderful, the comments we received were full of high praise and we have already had request for your contact details to work with in the future.’

Our Service Users

It’s impossible to list every single comment, but ones we get frequently are:

‘You’ve given me hope, thank you’

‘That’s a really good idea, I hadn’t thought of that.  I’ll try it.  Thank you’

‘Thank you for just listening.  No one has done this for me before’

‘Your service and volunteers are brilliant, I’m so glad I found you’

‘I hadn’t heard about you before, but when I couldn’t get through to my usual helpline, I googled and up you came.  I’m glad I found you’

‘You’re so kind.  It means so much to be listened to.  Thank you ever so much’

All thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers!

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