You’ve seen Celine’s name on our website a few times now.  This is because she is an inspirational and outstandingly brave young lady.

I first came across Celine’s story on a BBC News website not long ago.  As a first year Hull University Law student, she documented how the pressures of University life compounded her anxiety and depression.

Celine attended our SOS event at Huddersfield University on 16 March 2017 and we asked her to say a few words, given that her age and educational status were relevant to our venue on the night.

Wiping aside her understandable nerves, Celine quite rightly received a round of applause once she’d finished speaking.  Her words resonated not just with other students, but with everyone in the room.  There was an understanding, an empathy, with what Celine had been through.

As Celine said, it’s so important to talk, important to share.  Once you open up, you realise there is support there and things seem a little easier.  Another endorsement, as if one were needed, about the positivity of open discourse as opposed to the negativity and isolation of remaining silent.

Fast forward to now and Celine has offered to fundraise for SOS Silence of Suicide, which, as everyone knows, is self funded alongside donations from benefactors and fund raisers to whom we are forever thankful.

Celine will be donning an SOS t-shirt and doing a half marathon as a warm up in Edinburgh on Saturday 27 May 2017 to raise funds for SOS and Michael and I will be there to cheer her on on the day.  How anyone considers a half marathon a ‘warm up’ is beyond me and all credit to everyone who’s taking part.

The link to her page is below, so please do consider donating – thank you in advance.



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