linklaterslogo Michael Mansfield QC and Yvette Greenway, founders of SOS Silence Of Suicide, are proud to share feedback from Linklaters Solicitors, following their mental health seminar in October 2016, at which Michael and Yvette spoke at, which was attended by over 200 employees.

Both Michael and Yvette agree – “Linklaters are actively committed to providing and delivering the necessary health and mental wellbeing resources required by their staff and it was a pleasure to be a part of their ongoing programme.

“We both feel Linklaters employees have excellent support systems in place to assist them during challenging times”.

Statement from Nick Syson, Health & Wellbeing Champion and Partner within the Banking Practice, Linklaters LLP London:

“As part of our Health & Wellbeing programme’s focus on Mental Health we hosted a ‘Silence Of Suicide’ session.

“This was the first time the firm addressed this topic, and the large turnout on the day proved how important it is to talk about and openly recognise suicide.

“During the seminar Michael shared the tragic story of his daughter’s suicide and both him and Yvette spoke about SOS’s aim to address the ‘elephant in the room’, raising awareness and encouraging conversations about suicide.

“As one attendee said: ‘It was an open forum with frank discussion.’

“Michael and Yvette were described as ‘open and relatable’ and the audience appreciated that their candour in ‘talking about an issue that we all face and should discuss.’

“The ‘Silence Of Suicide’ film which accompanied the session was described as very poignant and it was received in a spirit of empathy, kindness and interest.

“We as a firm believe that we benefited immeasurably from the Silence of Suicide session.

“It has encouraged us to break down barriers and start the conversation on a topic that needs more talking about.”

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