Rob Harkavy SOS Ambassador

Rob Harkavy is a journalist who has been editor of the LGBTQ+ online magazine OutNewsGlobal since 2016.
Since his own breakdown in 2003, resulting in a trip to a well-known mental health establishment followed by extensive therapy, Rob has leveraged his position within LGBTQ+ media actively to promote good mental health and to campaign for better resources within the NHS.
Fortunately for Rob, he was able to call upon the private sector for treatment but is fully aware that financial constraints prohibit most people from being able to access private mental health services.
Although mental health issues do not discriminate on the grounds of sexuality, it is well reported that incidences of depression and suicidal thoughts are higher among those who identify as LGBTQ+ than in the general population. OutNewsGlobal has consistently highlighted the scourge of suicide and is committed to campaigning for more funding, societal change and increased understanding until the terrible toll wrought by the suicide epidemic is addressed and reversed.
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