Michael Mansfield and I were delighted to chat to Richie last night; he’s a great interviewer and if you listen to any of his shows, he knows exactly how to keep the audience interested.

We’d also like to thank Claire, who first contacted us to ask if we’d like to speak on the show and then made all the arrangements needed effortlessly.

If you missed the live interview, please listen to the podcast underneath the last line of text.

Thanks to everyone who listened live and for all your support, emails, tweets and messages – much appreciated. There was so much more we wanted to say, but suicide and mental wellbeing are such huge issues, it’s impossible to cover all the strands in one sitting. However, it was a great platform which enabled us to touch a new audience and we are honoured to have been part of the show.

Michael also discussed the ongoing child sexual abuse inquiry; I’d like to say that I hope justice and accountability are acquired for all victims via a sensible, structured and intelligently chosen Board who know that ultimately, the truth will out and honesty and transparency must prevail.

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