SIGN THE PETITION FOR THE CARNAHAN FAMILY UPDATE: 7/3/17 : OVER 7000, yes SEVEN THOUSAND signatures now collected!!  Join us this Saturday 11 March, outside Belfast City Hall, and support the Carnahan family.  Remember, there’s power in numbers…

The family of the late Seanpaul Carnahan are petitioning

Mr John Larkin, Attorney General NI, Mr, Joe McCrisken, Coroner, Dr Jon Shaffer, (who reported at original inquest) Dr B Herron, Pathologist, 

Bernie Owens, Director of Unscheduled and Acute Care, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, Belfast, Michelle O’Neill, Ex Health

Minister, Stormont Ward, Belfast, and Damian McAlister, Director of Human Resources, Belfast Health & Social Care

Trust., in order to establish full disclosure, truth, justice & accountability following Seanpaul’s

death whilst in the care of Belfast Health & Social Care Trust on 19 July 2013.! !

We encourage everyone who believes in truth, justice & accountability to sign this petition and

attend the rally in memory of Seanpaul on Saturday 11 March 2017 at 3pm on the outside

cobbled area at Belfast City Hall.

We invite all those named above to attend so that they can each be presented with a copy of

the signed petition and listen to the planned speeches on the day.

Seanpaul’s story

Seanpaul was one of 6 children and, according to his mum Tracy, generally a happy go lucky

young man who enjoyed his job as a Chef.! !

Sadly, 22 year old Seanpaul attempted to take his own life by hanging on 8 March 2013, at his

home in Belfast. Although he survived, he was left with brain damage and unable to swallow.

He required round the clock care.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the tragedy in this story is a young man attempting to end

his life by suicide.

And it is. But, in Seanpaul’s case, Tracy says another (avoidable) tragedy followed over the next 4

months whilst in hospital, when he and his family were systematically subjected to pain, distress

and severe failings in his care on an unimaginable scale until his ‘slow and cruel’ death.

Upon admission, Seanpaul, who stood 6ft 1” tall, weighed 12 stone. At the time of his

death, just over 4 months later, he weighed less than 5 stone.

Tracy says ‘ I’m a hundred percent certain, from the beginning, they neglected to care for my son.

They subjected him to a regime of systematic starvation after placing him on the Liverpool Care

Pathway without my knowledge.

We had hoped the inquest would answer our questions and provide the transparency and

disclosure we needed, but the process was an insult to Seanpaul and the family whereby the

Coroner appears to support Hospitals in their cover ups, by not considering the balance of

ALL evidence and only accepting biased evidence from the Health Trust, even though an expert

claimed malnutrition was a contributory factor in Seanpaul’s death. None of his family were

allowed to speak or ask questions’.

However, 9 recommendations were made and we are seeking to establish the progress of these as

part of the rally and petition.

What we hope to gain from our petition and the rally

*Transparency, Honesty, Accountability, Truth, Justice. Everything that we should NOT have to

fight for, but are forced to do so when full disclosure is not forthcoming.

*That the family’s call for a FRESH INQUEST is granted. That ALL questions, specifically the

RIGHT questions are asked and answered.

*The attendance of those petitioned, to take away copies of the petition and ideally speak with the

family on the day.

*A response from Ms Bernie Owens to the letter from NI Human Rights Commission regarding the

9 recommendations made following Seanpaul’s death. Have any, all or none of these been

implemented and when?

*Stop the use of the Care Pathway and the improper use of joint protocols which seemingly protect

Belfast Health Trust from any open or honest investigation.


*That there should be a mandatory implementation within a specified time frame when

recommendations are made!

*That the use of joint protocols are eliminated immediately.

*That all families have the right to be updated as to the condition of their loved ones, including

being made aware of care plans and future prognosis. To eliminate the wall of silence

*That no patient can ever be subjected to starvation through intermittent sustained nonfeeding,

for any reason whatsoever through ensuring back up plans and alternatives are in place

in unusual or challenging situations.

*All officers and staff, medical or not, are aware of protocols and ensure they are adhered to.

*Where there is a clear failure in duty of care by a trust, legal aid should be automatically available.

If this funding is not in place, there is a danger that many cases of failure will go unchallenged and

could be repeated



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