How Are You Feeling Today?

'SOS is about building individual and collective resilience, empowering everyone to recognise their own self worth' 

Phone Lines 0300 1020 505 Monday - Sunday 4pm until Midnight (UK Only) Standard Rate Call. For children and adults who need emotional support, understanding, compassion & kindness


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We want to get the measure of how our service users are feeling. And why you might be feeling as you do.

Use our simple slider to tell us how you are feeling today. You can come back and record your measurement every day if you would like to.

On the days when you’re not able to cope too well, or if you just want to hear a friendly voice, then give us a call on 0300 1020 505 between 9am and midnight, 7 days a week

SOS helplines are open between 9am and midnight, 7 days a week. Please call if you are struggling to cope, are lonely, or simply want to chat . 0300 1020 505
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How do you feel today on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 = no mental health issues 10 = feelings and thoughts of suicide