Last week SOS – Silence Of Suicide and The Kaleidoscope Plus Group named one of the wellbeing facilities in the Mezz after Hope Garner’s father who sadly took his life in the summer of 2014.

The facility, called ‘Uhuru’ which in Swahili means ‘Freedom’ is being specifically named after Hope Garner’s father as in August 2016, Hope successfully completed a 10,000ft skydive at Langar Airfield raising £4,621.75 for The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and SOS – Silence Of Suicide.

Hope is delighted to have the wellbeing facility named after her father and is hopeful that it will be used by many service users.

She said: “I am extremely proud to have the Uhuru wellbeing room in memory of my dad.

“Our family was emotionally destroyed by the passing of my dad, but this has most definitely provided us with some closure.

“I hope the room will be well used and many people will benefit from it being here.”

She added: “I’m so grateful for The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and SOS – Silence Of Suicide for arranging this, I can’t thank then enough.

“I will always take comfort in knowing that the funds raised have gone towards something so productive, and that my dad’s name will always be known, he was a great man.”

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