Ahead of our peaceful demonstration tomorrow at Richmond Terrace , London, between 11am and 1pm, we are able to release some of the feedback from Batch 2 of our mental health survey for #Backto60 women.

Surveys are being completed on a daily basis and we will continue to provide the results for everyone to look at.  So far, both batches reported upon total 20,114 responses.  Thank you to all ladies who have taken part.

Please note: Not all questions were answered by all participants.

Fuller information will be available going forward, but we felt it important to get key points circulating as soon as possible and here they are:

A staggering 10% of 13,348 women have engaged in self harm as a direct result of the pensions scandal, that’s a massive 1335 women.

Shockingly, 20% of 13,348 women have had thoughts of suicide as a direct result of the pensions scandal, that’s 2670 women considering ending their lives

  • 99% of 13,401 women believe their mental wellbeing would improve if their earned dues were returned & compensation paid. .
  • 91% of  13,383 women have had their confidence affected as a direct result of the pensions scandal.
  • 98% of 13,444 women state their retirement plans have been affected as a direct result of the pensions scandal.
  • 99% of 13,428  women claim their physical and mental wellbeing has been affected as a direct result of the pensions scandal.  That’s 13294 women impacted by ill health over this issue

It is an absolute disgrace that so many women – your mothers, aunts and grand-mothers, are suffering in so many ways.


Women & Pensions Survey – Batch 1 Findings

We’ve recently been conducting a survey which examines the mental health impacts on #50swomen following their pension deferrals.

This has been done following our  recent SOS meeting for women who are part of the #backto60 campaign.

Our first batch analysed was 6670 responses, of which 15 were disregarded as they were either repeats or considered to be spam.  Not every person answered every question on the survey, therefore the total responses for each question are in brackets beneath the answers.

Sadly, the data produces no surprises; we were well aware from conversations that women affected by changes to their pensions were struggling in many ways.  What is needed now is ongoing support for these women and their families and SOS are liaising with several ladies who are finding it extremely difficult to cope.

There are 13 questions on the survey and 6670 responded.  The survey is ongoing and we will analyse the data of approximately another 1000 responses over the coming week.

We know that many women are suffering from clinical depression and in desperate need of support.  If you recognise the symptoms within yourself, a family member, friend or colleague, then please urge them to visit their GP and to take advantage of support groups already in existence, for example, the Samaritans.

Below are the findings of the survey

Q1) As a result of not receiving your pension, to what degree
have your retirement plans been been affected?

85% – Very Negatively affected

11% – Slightly Affected

3% – A little affected

1% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6655

Q2) Similarly, to what degree have your mental and physical wellbeing been affected?

63% – Very negatively affected

27% – slightly negatively affected

7% – A little affected

3% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6651

Q3) To what degree have relationships with family & friends been affected?

36% – Very negatively affected

35% – Slightly negatively affected

17% – A little Affected

12% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6628

Q4) To what degree has your self esteem been affected?

58% – very negatively affected

24% – Slightly negatively affected

11% – A  little affected

7% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6636

Q5) Do you believe you have lost your identity?

30% – Massively

30% – A lot

22% – A Little

18% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6639

Q6) To what degree have your finances been affected?

80% – Very negatively

14% – Slightly negatively

4% – A little affected

2% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6622

Q7) To what degree has your security been affected?

65% – Very negatively

23% – Slightly negatively

7% – A little affected

5% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6614

Q8) To what degree has your confidence been affected?

48% – very negatively

29% – slightly negatively

13% – a little affected

10% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6626

Q9) To what degree has your perceived standing in society been affected?

42% – Very negatively affected

28% – Slightly negatively affected

16% – Not at all

14% – A little affected.

Total Responses: 6636

Q10) Were your earned dues to be returned, and with compensation, to what degree would your mental wellbeing be improved?

74% – Massively

20% – A lot

5% – A little

1% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6650

Q11)  Do you feel your anticipated longevity has been affected by the stresses linked to your assumed loss?

58% – Very negatively

24% – Slightly negatively affected

12% – A little affected

6% – Not at all

Total Responses: 6631

Q12) How often have you had feelings of suicide as a direct result of changes in your pension?

60% – Not at all

23% – Occasionally

9% – Yes, once

8% – Yes, frequently

Total Responses: 6625

Q13) Have you engaged in self-harm as a direct result in changes to your pension?

88% – No, not at all

6% – Yes, occasionally

4% – Yes, once

2% – Yes, frequently.

Total Responses: 6613

Let’s summarise some key points from the data available.:

  • A staggering 85% (that’s 5,657 women) have had their retirement plans affected due to pension changes
  • Just 3% (that’s a miniscule 200 women) felt there was no impact on their physical or mental health.
  • A whopping 88% (that’s 5,833 women) felt relationships with friends and family have been affected.
  • Only 7% (that’s 465 women) felt their self esteem had NOT been affected
  • 82% (that’s 5,444 women) felt they had lost their identity.
  • 99% (that’s 6,584 women) felt their mental wellbeing would improve (in varying degrees) if their rightful, earned, pensions were returned to them with compensation.
  • 65% (that’s 4,300 women) feel their future security has been ‘very negatively’ affected.
  • A shocking 12% (that’s 794 women) have engaged in self harm to varying degrees.
  • A frightening 40% (that’s 2650 women) have had thoughts of suicide at least once.

With an estimated 3.3 million women affected by changes to their pensions, the above figures should act as a stark warning to politicians, medical professionals and mental wellbeing charities and support groups.

The socio-economic stresses that this group of women are trying to live with are clearly crushing to many of them.

A final thought.  Imagine if the 40% who’ve had thoughts of suicide were 40% of the estimated 3 million affected?  Answer: 1.2M.  One point two Million women potentially having thoughts of suicide because of their pensions scandal.

#Backto60 #50swomen #onevoice



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